WALLPAPERS: New Era Desktop Background

By January 12, 2010WALLPAPERS

2 Sets of wallpapers in the span of 2 days ! You guys each owe me a handjob or head (to put New Era caps on.) I can’t believe no one had done these before. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through one day in my life without seeing someone else wear a New Era cap. And I live in Ahoodie’s basement so that’s gotta count for something. Anyhow, here they are the New Era Desktop Background Wallpapers ! Check out our wallpaper page to see more Fashion related wallpapers.

And if you haven’t seen the Kanye Milo Wallpapers go here. Pick your favorite outfit if you want me to make an individual wallpaper or contact us to suggest more outfits or other wallpapers !

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