Bape Village Camo Wallpapers

By July 16, 2010WALLPAPERS

Bape Village Camo AHOODIE

To go with the new Bape Village Camo T-shirt article by Patricia, we made you some Bape Village Camo wallpapers for your desktop.

I just tried it on my laptop and it looks absolutely fabulous. Fits like a glove, like a glove on my foot because I’m missing one sock. It does the job, sorta.

Anyways I hope you like these new Bape Village camo wallpapers. We only made 3 desktop wallpapers because I couldn’t find the fall Bape Village camo pattern but hope these will fill you with intense double rainbow joy. If I do find the Bape fall pattern, and who knows maybe the winter pattern, I’ll make more wallpapers during the weekend if my manager at McDonald’s doesn’t make me do over-time if I’m not too busy getting laid!

Thanks to Jacob Kiff for the wallpapers.

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