Yung J – On The Rise (New Mixtape Release)

YUNGJ Cover51 Yung J   On The Rise (New Mixtape Release)

Hey, it’s been a minute since I blogged on this site, and whilst your waiting on the new series of ATV I thought you guys would enjoy a nice little blog post from yours truly.

Here at Ahoodie, we not only give you the dopest in mainstream music and fashion, we are also committed to showcasing fresh new talent on the youth scene in music and clothing brands. This post is about up and coming rapper, Yung J’s debut mixtape “On the Rise”.

Yung J, hailing from the mean streets of Michigan, has lit a fire up under the internet’s ass over the last year or two. Covering hundreds of popular hip hop songs whilst adding his own unique spin to them, as well as garnering great acclaim for his own original tracks (My personal favourite being “Hang My Jersey”).

Releasing music video after music video, this kid has really impressed me, not only by his lyrical skill and constantly switched up flow, but by his dedication and hard work to getting his name out there. Following J on Twitter, not a day goes by where he isn’t trying to promote his name and get noticed, which in this day and age is a lot harder than it sounds.

Well there’s a bit about the man himself, now onto the Mixtape. “On the Rise” is a truly great piece of work from Yung J. He experiments with many different aspects of hip hop in his debut project. From the intro, the kid tells you about how he got into music after not trying out for his junior varsity baseball team, but then you also have the deep tracks filled with meaning such as “Lost Kids” and tracks that kind of play with your mind (“The Return”). J isn’t afraid to show a bit of a (well deserved) ego in a few tracks either, like “Pretty Boy” and “Toddler”, and for some of you that have listened to his music before (no doubt you’ve seen the Far Away cover) he comes back with more love styled tracks directed at the same girl in “Old Promise”.

Whether you like the kid or not, he is here to stay. So if you fancy yourself a good listen and want to give your ears a break from the latest Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky or whatever you kids listen to at the moment, take a minute and give Yung J’s “On The Rise” a chance, you won’t be disappointed.


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