Muh dood DJ MF Maniac and I burnt this mother to the ground and then some over the weekend.

The man himself DJ MF Maniac and Old Town Saloon hosted one hell of an Ahoodie welcoming party for ya boi. The night ensued with a couple of drinks and some dope tunes and slowly turned into Project X.  From the “Harlem Shake” to the “Cha Cha” even a little TLC, he had Girl Talk shakin in his boots.  Nobody can get Texas boot scootin’ like ole Maniac, he had the most eclectic crowd I’ve ever seen hangin’ from the ceilings. And you might even recognize his “The Kidd” shirt from a few years back. After the bar close we continued the party at casa de la Beach for a few more hours until most of us woke up on the roof (no idea what happened). If you have any idea or any pictures by all means shoot me a link.

Huge thanks and much love goes out  to Old Town Saloon and DJ MF Maniac for making my night a fat rack — and for always supporting the Ahoodie clique. Respect.

If you had the privilege of attending hit me up below…and help me find my car.




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